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2017 Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript

media.ccc.de/v/froscon2017-1934-flow-based_programming_for_javascript NoFlo is a flow-based programming environment for JavaScript. Originally built for Node.js systems automation, the same visual development tools can also be used for developing full-stack applications from the browser to microcontrollers like Arduino. With NoFlo developers build their applications by wiring data streams together between different pre-built or custom components.
Telemetry from @cbase visualized on @NASA OpenMCT, ready for the @Flowhub_io #IoT hack weekend starting tonight
I just got back to Berlin from the Bitraf IoT hackathon we organized in Oslo, Norway. This hackathon was the first of two IoT workshops around MsgFlo and Flowhub IoT. The second will be held at c-base in Berlin this coming weekend.
Last week I participated in two hackathons, events where a group of strangers would form a team for two or three days and build a product prototype. In the end all teams pitch their prototypes, and the best ones would be given some prizes.


Electrocute - Power consumption forecasts for a changing climate

See how Flowhub's MsgFlo was used to connect a Node.js service to Python ML backend in this @Predix hackathon entry

NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming by Henri Bergius (Node.js Meetup Berlin)

This presentation was give during the Node.js Meetup Berlin, on April 25th 2017. You can become part of the community here meetup.com/Node-js-Meetup-Berlin ABOUT THE TALK Henri Bergius talked about NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming in general. He will give an introduction to both, how the tooling works and how to write components.
Flowhub is a visual tool for managing how your Internet of Things devices connect with each other. With Flowhub you can manage the connections between all of your IoT devices, and add logic via new components.
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